Launch of a ‘new’ online Golfing Magazine

Golf Retailing website development

More ideas + more innovation = more profit goes the strapline of this site and the publishers lead by example with this one!

This is the fourth site we have developed for these business owners and the smart thing is with ‘Golf Retailing’ we have simply used the core structure, programming and content management system of one of their other sites as the foundation.

We took the basis of their leading publications site and re-skinned it for the golf retailing market, a really cost effective and smart way to test the market on a proven platform and it has shown to be very successful.

The best part, everyone involved knows the structure, so the ongoing development and expansion of the site as awareness and demand grows is easy to implement – a fantastic way of making the most of what have by getting it built in the right way at the outset.

Custom developed Wordpress Plugins
Content Management System


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